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Most of us concentrate provide innovative inexpensive solutions for all grounding needs. Supplying the highest quality grounding program to useful customers is actually the prime obligation. we have been capable of supplying state-of-the-art corrosion-free grounding programs perfect for all kinds of related soil conditions along with the atmosphere, Our products have helped our customers to save resources by preventing damage to costly equipment and increase productivity by eliminating unnecessary downtime. We offer top quality as well as reliable services and products within the electric and consumer electronics business.

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We provide our customers with manufactured products at the most reasonable prices, and we deliver the manufactured products on time and to the desired location.

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We are Dedicated to Serve the Quality Products for All Your Related Needs.

ESE Lightening Arrester

We design the most advanced system to protect your site/monument/buildings against the lightning strike or more globally to meet the lightning phenomenon in the whole world. Read More

Copper Bonded Rod

Every single steel rod includes a higher tensile power, and reduced carbon steel core. 99. 95% real copper is actually employed electrolytically along with types the particular metallurgical connection relating to the steel core along with the copper. Read More

Copper Bonded Electrode

The actual purpose of the copper coating is corrosion resistance. Copper, gold as well as silver, and mercury have superior resistance to corrosion, although ready other metals (never found totally free inside nature) such as metal, aluminum as well as magnesium are often corroded.Read More

Pure Copper Bonded Electrode

Copper is the perfect material to prepare Pure Copper Bonded Electrode that acts as a good underground conductor. Mostly solid copper is utilized for high fault current installations. Copper, hygroscopic in nature with high tensile strength; it has effective performance that ensures zero maintenance. It is also available on demand.Read More


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