Our Product
ESE Lightning Arrester

We design the most advanced system to protect your site/monument/buildings against the lightning strike or more globally to meet the lightning phenomenon in the whole world. The Advance ESE lighting arrester is a proactive lightning protection device installed outwardly on the structure. Advanced ESE lightning arrester is designed to activate itself in the moments directly preceding an imminent direct strike. Hence our quality process and traceability are faultless. This is for you the best guarantee of security against lightning. The equipment emits a great electromagnetic behavior impulse since the streamer towards the environment a microsecond earlier than usually produced steamers. consequently creating a great made-certain release route for your lightning hit. Setting up the Advance ESE lightning arrester includes the most effective advantage of two methods; an instantaneous route towards the ground from the traditional structural lighting security system. The actual make sure that the particular ESE system provides a secure, raised region related to security regarding large structures as well as open places. These products are independently tested and certified to NFC 17-102 and UNE 21 186 standards & CPRI.