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Earthing Compound

Grades of GEM Fill powder that are extremely hygroscopic are used to create the GEM Fill earthing compound. In areas of dry and rocky terrain, it can be utilised as backfill material to keep moisture levels stable. It tends to diminish soil resistivity to some amount and absorbs and holds onto moisture for extended periods of time.

The soil resistivity is the primary determinant of an earthing system's earth resistance value. No of the type or size of the earthing electrode employed, a high soil resistivity will result in a high earth resistance. Compounds appropriate for our customers' distinctive requirements are included in our sophisticated assortment of electrodes. The best backfill materials for an earthing system are thought to be these. This substance compacts quickly when water is added and has the capacity to absorb moisture up to thirteen times its dry volume. It increases conductivity and has an equal long-term capacity for moisture absorption or retention, high conductivity, and non-corrosive properties. It is a substance with a high/quick discharge nature.

These substances change into "gel" during installation with the right water pouring, and this "gel" has the ability to hold up to twenty times its dry volume of moisture while also forming a gel layer around the electrode. Our expertise is in tailoring these earthing compounds to the requirements specified by our clients. It is frequently utilised in earthing and grounding applications where long-term, high compressive strength, low resistance solutions are needed.