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Copper Bonded Earthing Rod

Every single steel rod includes a higher tensile power, and reduced carbon steel core. 99. 95% real copper is actually employed electrolytically along with types the particular metallurgical connection relating to the steel core along with the copper. This combination makes the rod ideal for deep driving whilst also providing lasting resistance to corrosion.

The threads are created with a cold rolling process which ensures strength and maintains the molecularly bonded copper covering along the full length of the threads .cold-rolled threads are usually efficient in comparison with cut- threads. The standard copper thickness is 0.25 mm. greater copper thicknesses are also available.

  • Standard & sleek layer from the copper mineral
  • Shiny complete, as well as visual, appear
  • Purity of the electrolytic high quality copper useful for coating is really 99. 95%
  • Coating thickness is really 250 microns
  • Outstanding grime/soil interface due to electrode’s glossy/matt complete
  • The coating is performed below strict high-quality controller
  • Coating concerning the electrode is really determined on each and & every single electrode
  • Higher current dissipation capability due to increased surface area.
  • Coating is done on the low carbon steel rod
  • Ideal for a corrosive environment.

Copper Bonded Earthing Rod Technical Details:-

Models Nominal size in inches Length in feet Shank dia in,mm Length in,mm Mode of connection
GSC-122 ½” 6 12.7 1800 Copper bonded steel rod
GSC-123 ½” 10 12.7 3000 Copper bonded steel rod
GSC-172 ¾” 6 17.2 1800 Copper bonded steel rod
GSC-123 ½” 10 17.2 3000 Copper bonded steel rod
GSC-252 1” 6 25.4 1800 Copper bonded steel rod
GSC-252 1” 10 25.4 3000 Copper bonded steel rod