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GS Electrocontrols Pvt Ltd is really an appropriately handled organization and a pioneer in providing top quality innovative items in order to its clients. The group associated with extremely competent technical engineers as well as experts operate the organization. GSC supplies items as well as solutions within grounding techniques as well as Lightning protection.

Most of us concentrate provide innovative inexpensive solutions for all grounding needs. Supplying the highest quality grounding program to useful customers is actually the prime obligation. we have been capable of supplying state-of-the-art corrosion-free grounding programs perfect for all kinds of related soil conditions along with the atmosphere, Our products have helped our customers to save resources by preventing damage to costly equipment and increase productivity by eliminating unnecessary downtime. We offer top quality as well as reliable services and products within the electric and consumer electronics business.

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The world-class products are designed to replace traditional earthing methods.


The aim is always to grow to be probably the most recognized brand in the actual area via continuously enhancing the product in addition to choices without decreasing top quality to fulfill what's needed to be related to modern organization.