The actual purpose of the copper coating is corrosion resistance. Copper, gold as well as silver, and mercury have superior resistance to corrosion, although ready other metals (never found totally free inside nature) such as metal, aluminum as well as magnesium are often corroded. Reputable other metals for example copper end up being the cathode anytime joined up with in addition to a smaller amount of reputable other metals inside the living from the electrolyte (water). Much Less noble metals get to be the sacrificial anode as well as rust aside.

The threads are to be created with a cold rolling process which ensures strength and maintains the molecularly bonded copper covering along the full length of the threads .cold-rolled threads are usually efficient in comparison with cut- threads. The standard copper thickness is 0.25 mm. greater copper thicknesses are also available

  • Higher particular the law of gravity CCM is actually injected inside the earth electrode via a specifically created SPM below managed stress, providing a larger connecting power in between CCM particles
  • Standard & sleek layer from the copper mineral
  • 3. Shiny complete, as well as visual, appear
  • The purity of the electrolytic high-quality copper useful for coating is really 99. 95%
  • Coating thickness is really 250 microns
  • Outstanding grime/soil interface due to electrode’s glossy/matt complete
  • The coating is performed below strict high-quality controller
  • Coating concerning the electrode is really determined on each and & every single electrode
  • Higher current dissipation capability due to increased surface area.
  • Coating is done on the low carbon steel pipe
  • Ideal for corrosive environment

Copper Bounded Earthing Electrode Technical Details:-

Models Name Electrode Diameter (MM) Length (MM) Internal Strip Size (MM) Connection Terminal Hole Die (MM)x No. of Hole M.O.C (CCM) Compound
GSC-402 48 2000 25 X 03 10 X 02 Copper Bounded FILLED
GSC-403 48 3000 25 X 06 10 X 02 Copper Bounded FILLED
GSC-502 58 2000 30 X 04 12 X 02 Copper Bounded FILLED
GSC-503 58 3000 30 X 06 12 X 02 Copper Bounded FILLED
GSC-802 88 2000 50 X 06 12 X 02 Copper Bounded FILLED
GSC-803 88 3000 50 X 06 12 X 02 Copper Bounded FILLED